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We are not just another dating website. We’re a singles community focused on living a better lifestyle!

What is Black, Fit and Single?

Black Fit and Single was first created in 2009 as a dating and fitness website where health-conscious singles could find their perfect mate.

Fast forward to today, Norine Jackson, the owner of Black Fit and Single, realized many people were unhappy with what online dating offered. Hooking up, catfishing, and scams were common among many of them, which left people skeptical and apprehensive about joining these dating apps. After learning this, she decided to mature the dating website into an online community where single members can share the fitness journey, learn more about health and fitness, and possibly meet their love interest.

Black Fit and Single members can join in the latest relationship, lifestyle, and health and fitness topics as well as create their own topics. Members can also discuss their own health and fitness journey as well as recipes and more.

We've transformed a fitness and dating website into an online community dedicated to improving the lifestyles of singles.

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What does the community offer?

The Black, Fit and Single community offers a platform where health-conscious singles can mingle and share their own health and fitness experiences, and possibly meet their love interest!

Members will also enjoy workout videos (coming soon), healthy and holistic recipes, fitness and relationship advice, live online events and recordings hosted by professionals like fitness trainers, cardio and yoga instructors, psychologists, relationship counselors and coaches, and more (coming soon)! And did we mention singles get to meet other singles who are on similar lifestyle journeys??

Go ahead. Become a member of a community where we all can do it together!

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