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We are not just another dating website. We’re a health, fitness and dating community!

What is BlackFitandSingle.com?

The BlackFitandSingle.com Community was created just for Black people!

We created a unique community that not only promotes a healthy and holistic lifestyle, but we believe in total wellness – body, mind, spirit, finding your true love, and more!

Why did you create this community?

Studies show that Black Americans are 60 percent more likely to have high blood pressure; 77% more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes; and Black women have the highest rates of obesity. Even worse, Black Americans are more than likely to contract cancer. Even worse, we have the highest mortality rate for cancer.

COVID-19 has temporarily shut down gyms and paralized fitness trainers. We all had to take a step back and regroup. During that time, many people gained ‘COVID’ weight as they fell off their workout routines or simply stopped. Socializing slowed down and single men and women had no choice but to turn to online dating. (Of course, that’s a good thing for us!)

We decided to create a community – just for us – that would solve most, if not all, of these challenges. Members will enjoy learning how to live a healthier, holistic lifestyle – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, romantically – and so much more!

We are not just another dating website. We’re a health, fitness and dating community!

What does the community offer?

Enjoy our ProTeam members’ workout videos, healthy and holistic recipes, fitness and relationship advice, live online events hosted by professionals like fitness trainers, cardio and yoga instructors, physical therapists, psychologists, relationship counselors and coaches, and more! As if that’s not enough, you get to search for your soulmate who is on the same lifestyle journey as you!

You won’t go at it alone! Our ProTeam and Community Members will be there to support you!

Our free membership gives you the opportunity to look around and decide if you want to join. We promise you will! The app is coming soon!

Go ahead. Become a member of a community where we can do it together!

The BlackFitandSingle.com Community welcomes you!

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